Rules!! Must Read and Follow

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Rules!! Must Read and Follow Empty Rules!! Must Read and Follow

Post  Admin on Mon Feb 04, 2008 2:32 pm

1. You are not allowed to pug a raid that we are running!
2. Initiates will not get loot unless it is passed to them or faces DE.
3. Do not pester a Raid Leader with whispers to get in (pestering includes repeated whisperes when it has not been announced that the raid will commence)... if you have a question or a concern ask before the raids...we will be happy to talk then but not when Raiding.
- be in vent
- if not in the raid you cant talk in vent
- 1 epic per night and 1 Tier piece per night
- MUST have pots and be repaired before we start( healers have at least 15 min)
- Please be prepaired with everything you need in order to function.
4. Must be able to spend at least 3 hours in raid (Do not join a raid you know you can't commit to, for example, going to dinner or a movie halfway through a raid)
5. you can be rotated for bosses if gear or ability hinders our advancement
6. You will be rotated if you do not pull your weight in a raid
8. Epics not needed will be disenchanted
9. Status concerning defaults will now be determined by the Raid Leaders and will be given at their discretion. They will gomore in depth into how this rule will operate, but if one member is clearing out Kara by defaults, and then it comes time for a ro
10. You WILL NOT run with another guild if it is an instance we are running
11. If you are on the wait list you must be on your main. we will not track you down if you are on an alt.
12.You cannot be reserved a spot for an instance.
13. Don't go afk/bbl/dc doing raids
14. Raiders, Officers, Class Leader will have piority on Teir and Legendary items. (Read Loot System or pst me)
15. Show up on time for raids. If you cannot make it pst me, class leader, officers or raiders. If you are assigned to a group and you dont show up, there a big chance I might remove you.
16. Vent is open to all members, please log on and feel free to talk (unless we are raiding).
17. Have Omen/KTM threat meter and Deadly Boss Mod! get them at curse gaming.

Punishment for breaking rules:
- Demote/remove!
- No raid for one week, if you go with other guild/pug you will be removed!
- If you break the rules 3 times, you are removed from the guild.


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