the raid we had in this week!!!

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the raid we had in this week!!! Empty the raid we had in this week!!!

Post  crossice on Sat Feb 09, 2008 1:52 pm

regarding about the raid we had in this week, we are doing so much better than b4!!! this is good thing. keep it up guys. we pretty much one shot every boss in karaz!! besides few. i really hope that starts next week we going to do pure guild run. no pugs no other guild. ppl that will stick with our guild eventually will get all the items that you need. every week we will gonna do karaz and gruul's lair until 25 man get all the gear. 10 good players and geared players will going to do ZA with us next week. the reason why we can't do ZA because of the healers. so i hope all healers can do the best they can to gear up and run more heroics. THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOU GUYS TO RAID WITH US. CHEER UP FOR IRON FIST!!!! Laughing


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