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Post  keyno on Mon Feb 11, 2008 4:09 am

As in the guild we have quite a number of hunters, and our officer makama's main is also a geared pve dps hunter, this post is not showing off my pro-ness with playing hunter but just some experience of mine as a hunter in raid.

So when comes to hunter's raid spec..Officially it will be BM spec.
For any high level contents in game, for any boss, 146 hit rating is enough. Always keep your pet out and stay alive of course for the 2% bonus damage for BM tree. Optimizing your weapon speed is a good thing to increase dps. 2.6 is the most optimal so anything faster is not good for dps rotation. Anything slower works but not as optimal as 2.6 which is only 2 of them in game so far which is Barrel-blade Longrifle (doom walker) and Wolfslayer Sniper Riffle (Kara).
With the new macro for BM hunter you can chain up SS + KC + AS into just spamming a key. With the bow that im using now, between my 1st SS and the coming up SS, I got 1 auto shot but with that both guns, i can have 2 which is a great boost on dps for hunter.

Ravager is a good pet to use. Hell lots of dps. My ravager has 700 KC crit. With myself crit for 1.6k per shot, 2.3k dps just within that 2 sec. Yes seriously..2 sec. But the bad side of ravager is it has low hp and dies easily.

People say BM hunters are overpowered..WTF are they talking about!?? Kill the pet! (like if you can..=P)


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