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Post  Admin on Sun Jan 13, 2008 8:03 pm

I have discussed with the Officers about the Looting system in Raids, here is what we come out with:
-The GM,Officers, Class leaders will have the priority on drops like Tier set and Orange items, because they have spend more time and energy on making vent, website, teams, etc.. so we believe they deserve the items first. Don't worry, we won't ditch you guys. We will be running kara/gruul every week the same people, if everyone shows up. Others will be rolled on or Dkp/Dps system.
-As for 25 man raid like SSC and TK, we will have a DKP sever with a mix of DPS/Healing meter. Here is how is works: The Highest DKP gets the items. If the DKP is the same as another player, the item will be given to the highest Dps/Healing Done. Each item you reicive your DKP will decrease and for each time you show up during raids your DKP will increase. Smile
-If you follow the rules and show up on time during raids, you will be rewarded Very Happy . at this moment we are looking for some class leaders that knows how to play their class and are capable to take of other members.
-We wish to keep all our members, inviting new members will be a waste of time because we redo kara/gruul with them. Once everyone is geared in the guild we will be moving on to high level instances, eventually the end game.
-Tell me or any officers if you think the rules are unfair, we will be more than happy to discuss it with you Very Happy


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