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problem for our guild Empty problem for our guild

Post  crossice on Fri Feb 15, 2008 1:46 pm

looks like we have a lot of people online so far. this guild is going well. and all we need is healers. we have tanks, dps, (well gear) but without any good healer that' why we can't raid ZA lately. i need all offiecer, CL to help inv healers. we have around 49 ppl in our guild. and only 20 ppl show up at night. we need more healers to show up so we can move on to TK, ssc, and gruul's lair. currently i want everyone got 4 set of T4 first then we can move up to TK, ssc. the reason why we keep running karaz, and gruul's lair because i want all the people to have T4 gear. thank you for all of u guys to help this guild and eventually we will get all the epics items.


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