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Loot system suggestion Empty Loot system suggestion

Post  keyno on Tue Feb 12, 2008 9:06 am

Not an officer so i can just say is a suggestion from me. Due to the looting system in Kara, which is rolling for need. We are now in the process of gearing up peeps for further contents. Classes like Paladin, Druid, Warrior, priest they haf gears for different specs. I was in this guild kara raid group and 1st boss droped the necklace. Good for dps class like hunters, rogues and so on. And another hunter rolled need cause it's a huge upgrade from what he got. Gratz to him at 1st and after that a holy pally rolls on that. I was like WTF!!?? And they said that Achel deals good dps with ret spec. WTF is a ret pally? Good dps? Compare to mages locks and hunters they are just shit to tell. Gears should 1st go for main specs. Main spec which means they spec which you start progress with us in raid. You are healer, you can roll on healing stuff ONLY unless no one wants that piece of gear ONLY then you can roll for your off spec. Yes you can haf some arena or BG fun but that's your own business. 1 more thing is, main spec which means spec that a class should be using for raid progress like pally is fucking holy for raid! God sake we got not enough healers and we got ret pallies? That's so wrong. And if you are holy at 1st then you are holy to the end..resto at 1st, same.
And what pissed me off much more is the pally Achel got the loots from our raid and wipe his ass and left the guild. I mean people, we all know that there are heaps of big guilds out there. We know to the end of the day loots and gears comes to final issue but my friends, my mates..you go to big guilds and get loots, you feel nothing. Yes maybe you will get crazy for abit but after that you feel nothing. What we want here is we work together and aim for higher contents. We clear them with our hardwork together and after a boss kill we feel proud of what we did. It's not impossible. As you can see so many guilds downed Illidan which means it's not hard at all. Anyone of you in guild means something to the guild. Next patch we can just skip TK for Hyjal and BT cause there will be no attunements needed. We cant be the top on serer cause we are still new but if we work together and build up a solid base for the guild, i promise, next expension, there will be another race on content just like what happened from max 60 changed to max 70. That's the time we turn onto real business. And we aim for the best on serer and yes we can. So just stay and stick with us..I'll promise, you'll get no regrets in your future.

lastly..cause im an asian so allow me with my poor grammar..=/


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Loot system suggestion Empty Re: Loot system suggestion

Post  phungky on Tue Feb 12, 2008 5:36 pm

thank you for brought this problem to us. We already talked about this problem as we brought to you guys the raid rule. Please read it and if you find anything from those rules are nonsense or don't fit to our situation please let us know.
once again thank you for your time and effort


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